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    CCCTA members lead in their buildings and at the state and national level.  Building representatives attend monthly meetings (now virtually) and share information, opportunities, and resources with all building members...
  • Working Together to Achieve More!

     The purposes of CCCTA shall be: ~To work for the welfare of students, the advancement of public education, and the expansion of the instructional opportunities for students and educational professionals. ~To promote ethical practices, to...
  • Political Action

      Why Politics? Elected politicians, or those appointed by them, decide every one of the important education issues we deal with every day. If you ever wondered why your Local Association and MSEA...
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  • Resisting Educational Racism October 19, 2021
    Minority Students in Montgomery County Organize Against Bias Cultural capital. It’s what we bring to the table every time we are present. Every interaction with another, a class, a meeting, a social encounter—the act of simply being seen and heard displays elements of our cultural capital. It can be the color of our skin, the […]
  • My Turn: Jenny Duggan October 19, 2021
    Jenny Duggan is a pre-k paraprofessional at Emma K. Doub Elementary School in Washington County. I wanted to be a teacher from my very first experience in school. I remember being scared and nervous and so unsure of what school was all about. But when my teacher allowed me to sit in her rocking chair […]
  • 2021 MSEA ESP of the Year Brad Fisher October 19, 2021
    MSEA ESP of the Year and career-changer Brad Fisher came to education because he wanted to do something more meaningful in his professional life, but banking’s loss is proving to be education’s gain. Fisher’s move to education has not only showcased his professional skills as both a paraeducator and now administrative assistant specializing in finance, […]

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  • Welcome New Educators!

    This year we thrilled to help welcome almost 90 new educators to CCPS.  CCCTA provided lunch for our new hires on August 20.  It was a pleasure meeting our new...
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